Confessions of a Cheating Bitch

Mar 18

When I First Met Sillas

Here is the backstory on Sillas.

In the summer of 2010 I went to my cousin’s for the week. I had heard that he had a new roommate (It’s funny now because Sillas and the previous roommate are the current roommates). The second he walked in, in my head I was all “OHEMGEE PLEASE FUCK ME.” It was fuck last at first sight. Totes didn’t think he was interesed in me though because ya know, who would like their roommates cousin? Well I guess Sillas does haha. Anywho, that first night I was reading and he sat next to me which made me wetten up like *whoosh*. His elbow was touching my knee the whole time but I wished it was his hand and my clit instead. Yes, that is how hot this guy is, no joke. Now, a few days went by and nothing. I was kinda pissed. I tried heating things up by showing off my dancing skills; I am a dancer of 12 years! I am thinking it helped that since it was summer, I was able to wear my booty shorts and skimpy tank tops to show off my very round chest!

Things got even worse when my other cousin wanted to stay with at the place but then again it helped I think. One night we were all playing COD Modern Warfare and the other cousin is a fucking beast at it. I should probably name my cousin… He will be called Andy (father-esque figure I guess in some way to Nancy’s kids’ in Weeds).

Andy went to bed so it was my other cousin, Sillas and me playing video games. Sillas and I started teaming up on my other cousin who will be Shane (from Weeds because he is like the annoying cockblock). Sillas started high fiving me everytime I would kill Shane and I did the same when Sillas would kill Shane. Then we would mutaully become mad when he would kill one of us. I think this would be a good time to mention drinking was involved with all of us. Eventually, high fiving turned in to slow caresses of the hands which turned into him kissing my neck which turned into us making out everytime we got a kill. Shane, I hope, was to drunk to realize what was occuring.

So that’s how it started. We have basically done everything since. We usually wait until everyone passes out and then fool around. Or we sometimes have some time during the day to get each other goin’.

Mar 18

One of my favorite shows. The maid is like a heroine ;)

Mar 18

Last Night

I gave a blowjob to my cousin’s roommate. His sperm tasted nice actually :). Oh, did I mention his girlfriend is preggo too? And if she isn’t, she definitely is as of today because they fucked bareback as she informed everyone so nicely. It’s funny too because I am nice to her but I have

  • fucked
  • been fingered by
  • given a blowjob to
  • gotten eaten out by
  • given a handjob to
  • geniunely been a friend to

her “fiance” as the whole time they were dating. Hmmm let’s create a name for him… Sillas (We watched a few seasons of Weeds together this weekend so that is the name he gets :).

He is really great at fingering me. My god, that man could make me scream out and wake everyone on the block. But we had to be sneaky so no moaning for us :(. I fuck him because he is so flipping hot. Like HAWT.
Sillas has a small penis though. I will definitely say that.